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Sanitation and Disinfection, Pressure washing, Floor Scrubbing

Extra Services!

Maintain a clean facility by presenting an image of your business and create a healthy working environment for your customers and employees.


Sanitation & DIsinfection

Innoklean has state of the art technology, expertise and knowledge. We curate a plan of action for your sanitation needs. Innoklean found a formula that is biodegradable and contains hospital-grade virucides along with bactericides for a superior clean.  Our electrostatic fogging sanitation equipment not only makes your facilities look clean, it also makes your business a safer place to visit and work.

InnoKlean Sanitation and Disinfaction services at a school
InnoKlean Office Sanitation
Innoklean Sanitation Services
InnoKlean Pressure washing Starbucks
InnoKlean VCT floor strip and wax
InnoKlean Strip and Waxxinf of VCT Floor
InnoKlean Pressure wash
InnoKlean Floor Scrubbing Service
InnoKlean Floor Scrubbing
Extra Services

Our Extra services are the icing on the cake for your facilities! These services get the smallest details taken care of. With Vct Stripping and waxing leaving your floors with a brand new shine to pressure washing your building to maintain that brand new look!

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