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Sanitation and Disinfection

Keep your business strong


At Innoklean, we understand what a healthy workforce needs a healthy workplace to call home, and to keep your business on your feet, you need a strong sanitation plan.


Sanitation isn’t a necessity limited to those working in the medical field, either. Every workplace from office complexes to retail environments can become dangerous harboring grounds for bacteria when left unmaintained. This can turn even the most benign working space into a powerful, potentially business-crippling hub of contagion.


Contrary to common misconception, Sanitation and disinfection doesn’t just mean attention paid to public areas. Communal sections of your workplace require equal if not more attention to prevent your employees from becoming sick. Having a clean workplace also means less employee sick days and more time spent working in good health.


Thankfully, however, Innoklean has the experience and the equipment to deal with any sanitation project. Be it on short notice or over a longer period of time, your disinfection needs will be met above and beyond. Whether you own an office, medical practice, hospital, or a retail storefront, we’re your dedicated team. Cleanliness, maintenance, and safety is what we offer, and satisfaction is our top priority.


What Does Innoklean Use for Sanitatoin?

The primary tool in our arsenal against infection and bacteria is our cleaning solution. Packing hospital grade virucides and bactericides, the solution we use is not only potent and hyper-effective but also biodegradable, leaving you with both a spotless clean and a chemical-free working environment.

Backing up our superior formula is an extensive and powerful range of technology, operated by experienced, well rounded personnel.

Post-Infection or Bio-hazard Removal

Even when the unexpected has come to pass, you can rely on us to make sure that it doesn’t have to spell disaster for you and your business. In the event of a workplace sickness outbreak, Innoklean is here to help.


Our post-infection procedures follow official CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines, and we take every possible precaution to ensure the health of both your and our employees. This includes full protective equipment, repeat cleans, and area isolation, ensuring that no further infections can take place.


Once Innoklean has had the opportunity to perform a post-spread clean, all the scare and worry will be no more. You and your business will be back online in record time. With us you can rest safe and sound without having to about any lingering sickness or possible reoccurring infections.

Contact Us for Your Free Consultation Today!

Innoklean doesn’t just clean - we provide simple, affordable sanitization solutions tailored specifically to your requirements.


We focus upon the satisfaction of our customers from start to finish, but the work doesn’t just include what we do on the ground. Innoklean offers free sanitization consultations and quotes, giving you all the information that you need before we even walk in the door.


So what are you waiting for? Innoklean is waiting to show you the door to a healthier, safer future. Contact us today!



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