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Starbucks Post Construction Cleaning - Port St. Lucie

Thanks to InnoKlean’s expertise in Post Construction Cleaning, we were able to team up with the very new Starbucks in Traditions, Port Saint Lucie, Florida, to fully and professionally Clean their new location and leave it ready to open to the Public, “What a greatly detailed job!” Kenny, the Project Manager, said.

The job included debris removal, dusting, wipe cleaning of all vertical and horizontal surfaces, equipment cleaning and polishing, interior and exterior window cleaning, detailed floor sweeping, mopping machine scrub cleaning, and much more. We cleaned the entire building to be inspection ready and cleaned and detailed for opening day. With a team that is passionate about providing services to the highest standards, we worked efficiently and quickly to minimize disruption while providing the most thorough cleaning possible.

As a Commercial Cleaning Service, InnoKlean CCC has over three decades of combined experience in providing Construction Companies and Commercial Builders with the best post-construction cleaning services they require to reduce stress and the burden of a busy business. Using powerful cleaning methods, our service is efficient and fast, reducing the amount of time it takes to perform a deep clean. Innoklean can help you with all your post construction cleaning needs. Contact us and learn more about how we can help you, we are easy to work with and are flexible to fit within your process, and we hope to hear from you soon!


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